Open your business to new opportunities and wake up potential of energy consumers. Lead the energy services market transformation and benefit from smart solutions, increasing revenue, Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Start the journey from energy provider to trusted services provider. Move on with your Customers!


Awareness of how we use energy, how does it impact the natural environment and our wallet, can motivate to change. Yet, even better motivation comes from knowing that we use more, pay more and contribute to bigger emissions than our neighbors. Just putting all this energy to waste.

We help energy suppliers take care of energy efficiency of their customers. SayEnergy platform provides personalized energy efficiency tips on where and how consumers may reduce the waste. With rankings and benchmarks we encourage competition and motivate to commitments and consequent actions.

Customers save and become more engaged and satisfied with their service provider. They open to new solutions, services and products helping them to reduce their energy consumption even more.

Energy suppliers can meet regulatory obligations to promote energy efficiency.

Individual savings from behavioral programs can reach 2-5% with built awareness, education and behavior change only. Further savings of several or even several dozen percent can be obtained by motivating consumers to invest in improving energy efficiency of their buildings, heating systems and key appliances. In the energy market scale these are huge savings, originating from the largest, most environmental friendly and the cheapest energy resource – saved energy.


Cooperate with your Customers to reduce energy consumption exactly when you need it most.

Using SayEnergy platform, energy providers engage with their Customers, build relationships and openness to cooperation, critical for effective introduction of new solutions and services. The platform enables cost-effective and results driven demand response programs (DR) – reducing peak energy consumption.

Awareness and education of energy consumers, combined with incentives, prizes, and messages delivered in the right place and on the right time, allow cost-effective DR programs to be run with all Customers.

Segmentation and micro-targeting services of SayEnergy platform, enable precise Customer selection and communication tailoring. Demand response events can be planned or run ad-hoc. System monitors execution end effects, providing feedback to learning process to improve program efficiency.

SayEnergy platform can be integrated with smart appliances and Smart Home systems, ensuring more automation and increased effectiveness of demand response programs.

Demand response solutions from SayEnergy improve return on investment in smart meters and increase benefits from dynamic tariffs introduction.