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We provide services and solutions for energy market. We use best practices, technologies and knowledge to unleash the potential of consumer - supplier relationship, providing benefits to the both sides.

SayEnergy enables suppliers to change how their Customers think about energy, educate them and motivate to care about their energy efficiency. In consequence build engagement and long term relationship opening new possibilities for energy related services.

We help energy suppliers and energy consumers save. Save electricity, gas, money and our environment!

We use advanced behavioral and marketing techniques supported by multi-dimensional data analysis and best of breed technology. We love big data ;-)

We provide SayEnergy Customer Engagement service platform – for energy services providers and their Customers.

We support smart grid transformation processes, enabling utilities to fully utilize their investments in smart meters, introduction of new products and services and interactive demand management.

There is no cheaper energy than saved energy. We know how to motivate to rational and efficient energy use. With passion we change the world for better – for us and future generations.