Welcome to SayEnergy!

We provide services and solutions for energy market. We use best practices , technologies and knowledge to unleash the potential of consumer - supplier relationship, providing benefits to the both sides.



Engage your Customers giving them clear and personalized information about their energy consumption, costs and impact on the environment.

Give control, motivate and encourage competition, building loyalty and openness to new solutions, services and products.



Help energy consumers care for their energy efficiency. Comply with regulations.

Reducing the amount of wasted energy we release new potential, we care for our environment and ensure better life for all.



Get the flexibility and reach selected consumers with tailored messages on time, through best communication channel.

Reduce peak energy demand, sue dynamic tariffs, cooperate with your Customers.

The cheapest energy consumed is the energy saved!

„In the coming decades, Europeans face many challenges. Our children and grandchildren will have to cope with the effects of climate change. At the same time, Europe will need to import increasing amounts of energy as fossil fuel reserves diminish fast and prices grow faster than ever before…

 …"any energy that is not produced, means the energy is unpaid, ... there is neither transportation cost, or the cost of fuel”

Andris Piebalgs

EU Commissioner for Energy (2004-2010)

Reducing the amount of wasted energy is World’s cheapest and biggest energy resource. Yet, most households are not aware if they waste energy, how much, where and how they could possibly reduce that waste. For most energy consumers the only reference is their energy bill and comparisons to the previous periods (if they do it at all).

Energy suppliers are often perceived as money collectors who now push smart meters and “complicate things with new services” to take even more money from their customers’ pockets. Little understanding, little trust and little care.

SayEnergy helps to raise awareness and change behavior of energy consumers, increase their satisfaction and build long-lasting relations with energy supplier. We help to be smarter, waste less energy, save money and our environment while keeping comfort and having fun!